Going Global Expo 2016

More and more companies are exporting their products or setting up overseas operations – particularly in Central Emerging Europe, the BRICS markets (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), MINT Economies and Africa. BNTV will aim to capture the thoughts of some of the top minds in international business that will be at the event for you to gain and share invaluable insight and education within a live and highly interactive environment. Going Global is un-miss able in order for your brand and business to seize the global business opportunities out there and BNTV where there to make this impression of the event.


Latest News
23 June 2016

The BNTV crew is getting ready to finally make the long awaited trip to Manilla to start filming the ‘Energy City’ project – something that has been in the planning for quite a while now. Stay tuned for further updates!